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Microsec is a real software engineering and development company. We've designed and developed custom applications and software solutions for our clients using practically every technology in mainstream use during the last 30 years - right up to Android and iOS - in sectors as diverse as Banking, Utilities, Central Government, Medicine, Simulation, and Broadcasting.

We've succeeded during that time with a tried and tested business model of top-drawer design innovation skills and in-house delivery reliability that's brought us a portfolio of open-ended client relationships. From the early days of CP/M running on Intel 8080-based micros through to today's iPhone and Android apps, our largely blue-chip clients come back to us whenever they have a software solution concept or complex integration requirement that needs to be designed and built from the ground up.

Additionally, our engineers are security cleared to SC level, so we can engage immediately on Government and Defence work. 

From Whiteboard to White-Label

Microsec provides services throughout the entire application development lifecycle, and we are as at home working the whiteboard to deliver a self-contained client system specification as designing and delivering a turnkey software application.

We also act as permanent development arm to "white-label" software package components for commercial software sellers.

What clients say

"We chose to partner with Microsec several years ago, and we've stayed with them because they really 'get' the business complexity we need to model"
                                                     (Achiive, Pharma Industry Training Simulation)