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Company History

Microsec Ltd. was founded in 1979 in Havant, Hampshire, and is one of the longest-established software development and support companies in the UK.

A history of success

Over the past three decades, we have designed, developed and supported software solutions using practically every technology in mainstream use. We’ve worked across a range of sectors, including but not limited to finance, utilities, medicine, education, broadcasting.

During our time in the development industry, Microsec has continually evolved to keep up with cutting-edge technologies. This, paired with our commitment to the highest quality standards and a determination to attract and retain key technical skills, has helped us build an impressive record of success.

Microsec was one of the first companies in the UK to be awarded BS EN ISO 9001 and TickIT (now TickITPlus) accreditation.

Our team

Much of Microsec’s success can be put down to the work of our expert developers. Together, they have more than 100 years’ experience in building fantastic software applications for organisations from all manner of industries. They’ve worked with numerous technologies and programming languages, and can manage your project from consultation to completion.

Put simply, they know exactly what will work best for your project.

Unrivalled service

Our technical skills and experience are complemented by exceptional customer service, and we enjoy longstanding relationships with many of our clients. Our biggest goal is your satisfaction, and we’re ready to work closely with you to achieve that.

The company is still based in Havant, with new headquarters in Endeavour Business Park - which presents us with the quality of premises we needed for this key expansion of our business. This gives access to a large, high quality workforce which was critical in our decision-making process. 


Ed has 19 years’ experience across the industry in a number of senior roles. He has a proven track record in developing, growing, and re-structuring a business to maximise, and realise its full potential. His key strength areas include business integration (M&A), delivering innovative solutions for top-line business goals, developing strategic plans to meet short and long term key company objectives. Ed has a strong commercial and operational background working with clients in a spectrum of industries and strives to deliver an operating model where service excellence is delivered as standard.

Outside of work Ed enjoys time with his family. He enjoys the outdoors, spending time by the coast, travel and playing golf badly.

Edmund May

Chief Executive Officer

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Adam has over 20 years of experience in the IT sector. Starting from technical, through different levels of management and finally as a managing director and co-owner in medium size IT companies with and international reach.

He has excellent understanding and knowledge of technologies and IT solutions predominatly in telecommunications and insurance industries. His technical education from Warsaw Polytechnic had been complemented by an MBA from the University of Minnesota. Strong managerial skills and abilities to build long lasting relationships with customers lead to the creation of skilled, competent  and motivated teams.

Privately proud of his wonderful wife, two great kids, dozens of marathons and IronMan triathlons.

Adam Jac

Chief Operating Officer

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“Microsec very quickly mastered the technical landscape of our systems and successfully migrated these to a hosted service, with no service interruption to our national network of clients and mobile field workers."

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