Salesperson training

We are proud of the work we have delivered for our clients, here we explain the problem and the solution we worked on with this client.

The company

The client is one of the leading providers of training to the pharmaceutical industry. It delivers bespoke training packages to help the development of pharmaceutical salespeople around the world.

The requirement

The client required a software solution that would simulate a real business relationship environment, using a combination of bespoke scenarios, live actors and computer-based analysis. The system needed to be highly flexible and configurable, to emulate real world environments and situations from beginning to end. It had to provide the most lifelike, realistic and powerful training solution possible, so real productivity improvements can be delivered and individual behaviours can be shaped.

The solution

Microsec developed the product to deliver richly populated scenarios with detailed information. It was to be used by trainees to improve the quality of their planning and face-to-face interactions. The product presents a controlled series of tailored business interactions to learn from, with scenarios brought to life by actors and real customers. It’s engineered to provide continuously updated scenarios as users progress, providing feedback on individual behaviours – both positive and negative.

The result

The product is still used today and has been labelled by the client as a “unique learning experience for everyone taking part.”

The technologies

Windows Forms with .net Database with SQLite. Interfacing with PowerPoint.

Client testimonial

“We chose to partner with Microsec several years ago because they truly ‘get’ the business complexity we need to model.”

“We had considered "offshoring" development but there's no doubt that having a UK-based resource has been critical in developing cost-effective and technically sound additions to our services.”

Customer Testimonial