We are proud of the work we have delivered for our clients, here we explain the problem and the solution we worked on with Cardwave 

The company

Cardwave Services Ltd. supports businesses that use flash memory. It has established long relationships with world-leading manufacturers and technology developers that work on portable electronic devices. Today it supports clients with their removable media across the automotive, entertainment, medical and telecommunications sectors, whilst also branching out into new embedded and cloud technologies.

The requirement

Cardwave sought a partner for custom development and work packages. One hurdle involved technical difficulties around its Card ID Reader, which needed to work with another product – Smartwave’s Nano Box SD card reader – whilst presenting users with an elegant interface.

The solution

For the Card ID Reader’s interface Microsec introduced a Windows Forms application. This was chosen as it’s the most cost-effective and flexible tool for writing desktop applications that are effective and usable. Intricacies between the user interface and Nano Box were identified by the team and any problems were quickly resolved.

The result

With this project completed and signed off, we now have the foundation for a whole suite of card management applications that can be created quickly and effectively.

The technologies

C, C#, Windows Forms, SQLite.

Client testimonial

“The key for us was the strength in depth. Everyone in the company could hold a detailed and knowledgeable discussion about the design and technical dimensions of a job, and the proposed solution. Our teams both bring something to the table but we can always depend on Microsec engineers to come up with a workable and sensible solution. It was this level of capability that convinced us to go with Microsec as a first class, strategic development partner.” Robert McLaughlan, former engineering director at Cardwave.

"We chose to partner with Microsec several years ago - and we stay with them - because they truly 'get' the business complexity we need to model."

Customer Testimonial