GSM-R Radio Training Simulator

Multipulse - a leading supplier to the UK rail industry - came to Microsec to partner their development of a next generation GSM-R radio training simulator.

Using the hardware specifications of the physical radio as a model, coupled with briefing and training from the Network Rail training team, Microsec produced a modern, intuitive training system with the following features.

UWP application running on Surface Pro tablets.

Up to 6 trainees and one trainer connected to each other via wifi.

Standalone operation - no need for customer infrastructure.

Dedicated wifi network.

Faithful represenation of the GSM-R radio behaviour -
Screen display
Two-way voice communication between participants
PTT communication
Emergency procedure behaviour
A lightweight system, packing down into a single case for easy transport by a single person.

"We spoke to other potential development partners but Microsec understood more quickly than anyone what we were aiming to do, and they asked the right type of questions which immediately began to advance the design."

Customer Testimonial