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Microsec partners with Uniface to boost service offering

Microsec is proud to announce the start of an exciting new partnership with Uniface, a leading provider of low-code application development and deployment software.

Xamarin Evolve 2016

Xamarin Evolve was as usual a superb conference. It reinforced my experience of the superb Xamarin culture, allowed me to meet many like-minded developers, and reminded me that the customer relationship does not end with project delivery.

When Software Development Leads To Intensive Care

Sometimes software development takes you to unusual places - including intensive care.

Security - Technology can't save us from human nature

You can use as much techology as you like, but human nature can still make security measures useless.

Xamarin is now open-source and free

Xamarin for free - with restrictions - and open source!

Microsoft to acquire Xamarin

So it's official - Microsoft is to acquire Xamarin.

The future of enterprise mobility and device management – Thoughts from a mobile developer

BYOD still poses a number of questions: How can organisations minimise the associated risks? What are the latest technological developments that can enable optimum results? How robust is your device...

Augmented reality, drones - and daughters

At Microsec we’re developing proof of concept applications for the Vuzix M100 smart glasses – mainly in the hands-free warehouse picking and hygiene/traceability fields, but also with several concepts in...

What is a specification if it’s not the intent?

There was a recent BBC article on contactless/NFC cards triggering transactions inadvertently.

Why small, focused mobile apps are best for your business

We all know and (usually don’t) love the large, bloated applications like Microsoft Word which give everyone features only a small subset of users need.

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"We spoke to other potential development partners but Microsec understood more quickly than anyone what we were aiming to do, and they asked the right type of questions which immediately began to advance the design."

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