Microsec partners with Uniface to boost service offering

Microsec partners with Uniface to boost service offering

Microsec is proud to announce the start of an exciting new partnership with Uniface, a leading provider of low-code application development and deployment software.

The Amsterdam-based firm, which also has offices in the US, is best known for developing the Uniface programming language – a platform used by thousands of companies and more than 10 million end-users across the world.

Uniface has operated in the development industry for more than 30 years – providing a wealth of valuable experience that will accompany our own, making a formidable partnership to benefit both our client bases.

It’s not just a rich and successful history that Uniface shares with Microsec, either. The two companies are equally committed to staying on the cutting edge of bespoke software development, and it’s this forward-thinking approach that separates both of us from our respective peers.

Jason Huggins, Uniface Director, Global Delivery said: “One of the very unique things about Microsec that stands out is the breadth of knowledge and the breadth of experience. They don't just know one technology – and that's such an asset because in the real world you very rarely get a single-vendor or single-product solution.”

A true partnership

A lot of thought and planning has gone into the coming together of Microsec and Uniface, with everyone involved eager to ensure the move benefits clients on both sides. It’s fair to say this isn’t just any old partnership, however – the two teams and their offerings complement one another perfectly. That said, when the situation requires, Microsec’s expertise allows us to forge our own path.

Managing and Technical Director James Lavery explained: “Our knowledge of technical mobile allows us to break out from the standard mobile Uniface implementation when we need to. For instance, when you need offline capability and more technically integrated, native applications as part of the solution, we can go beyond the standard Uniface mobile offering. We have the ability to go into that more technically complicated solution.”

Uniface’s glittering portfolio

Over the past three decades, Uniface has served international brands from a range of industries. The lengthy list of satisfied customers includes global names such as Kawasaki, Airbus and Dixons Carphone, a list that continues to grow.

Mission-critical applications

Uniface applications are helping businesses improve their operations in a variety of ways, but its work is about a lot more than just making minor enhancements.

The number of cases of Uniface-powered software forming the backbone of an organisation is vast and growing. These apps are not only useful, they’re mission-critical.

It’s been the case for some time now as well. Many of the companies that chose to harness Uniface’s power during computing’s breakthrough decade – the 1990s – still rely today on the apps they built. This should illustrate just how important this company and its solutions are.

A powerful platform with huge benefits

One of Uniface’s biggest selling points is its simplicity. As a ‘low-code’ development platform, it has been built to enable the rapid delivery of applications, with minimal coding complementing quick setup and deployment.

So, where you might write 20 or 30 lines of code in a more conventional language, you’ll write just one or two in Uniface. What this means is a much smaller development team – two or three people as opposed to the usual ten or more – and a reduced time to market.

As the prevalence and importance of business apps grows rapidly, the benefits offered by Uniface are becoming increasingly powerful. The cost and time-savings on offer can be the difference between surviving and thriving.

Looking ahead, all of us at Microsec are extremely excited about the future and the opportunities this partnership will provide, not only for existing clients but for future ones too. This is a partnership Microsec is massively proud of, and we can’t wait to see the rewards unfold.

“We had considered "offshoring" development but there's no doubt that having a UK-based resource has been critical in developing cost-effective and technically sound additions to our services.”

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