James Lavery

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James joined Microsec in 1994, having graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and spent time working for Price Waterhouse and sailing professionally.

As Managing and Technical Director, he is responsible for the business and technical direction of the company, and still codes when he's allowed.

When he's not herding software engineers, he can be found cycling long distances and offshore sailing.

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Xamarin Evolve 2016


Xamarin Evolve was as usual a superb conference. It reinforced my experience of the superb Xamarin culture, allowed me to meet many like-minded developers, and reminded me that the customer relationship does not end with project delivery.

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When Software Development Leads To Intensive Care

When Software Development Leads To Intensive Care

Sometimes software development takes you to unusual places - including intensive care.

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Security - Technology can't save us from human nature

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You can use as much techology as you like, but human nature can still make security measures useless.

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Xamarin is now open-source and free


Xamarin for free - with restrictions - and open source!

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Microsoft to acquire Xamarin

xamarin joins microsoft

So it's official - Microsoft is to acquire Xamarin.

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"We chose to partner with Microsec several years ago - and we stay with them - because they truly 'get' the business complexity we need to model."

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