Our services are designed to help all points of development


The application development cycle is complex, featuring many different components; each one integral to the success of your project. Microsec is here to support you at every stage, and we provide a range of different services depending on your objectives and the resources at your disposal.

Advice and Consultancy

Our three decades of experience means we're equipped to offer the best advice for all manner of projects.

We have a huge wealth of experience, having been in this industry for more than three decades. We’re able to draw on the skills and knowledge we’ve acquired to provide invaluable consultancy services for your project. This could involve comprehensive project management, quality assurance or just general advice.

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Discovery Workshops

Our discovery workshops ensure all parties are up to speed with the project and its aims.

Many of our project engagements begin with a ‘discovery workshop’. During this phase, we take the time to understand your organisation, your software requirements, and your objectives. With needs and objectives identified, we produce a report documenting the strategic plan for meeting your objectives.

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Project Specification

All projects have a set of requirements, which is what we ascertain during the specification stage.

Before work on the project can begin, a technical specification must be agreed. This defines the requirements that the end-product – whether it’s a mobile, desktop, or server software – must meet to be considered ‘complete’, along with details of how the product will deliver the requirements.

Typically,  the specification will have screen mockups or 'wire frames' to show the user interface, and also detail any specific processing or interfaces with other systems.


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UX/UI design

UX and UI design are integral to the app development process. They require a great level of understanding, which our decades of experience have allowed us.

UX design is all about delivering the best user experience possible. It requires a deep, insightful understanding of the ever-evolving needs and wants of an application’s end-users – something we at Microsec strive to obtain with every project.

User interface design – or UI design – is a component of UX design and can be the difference between success and failure in application development. This is all about making your product easy and enjoyable to use. It involves refining the ways in which people interact with your application to ensure they get exactly what they need from it.


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Technical Design

Effective technical design is imperative for the development and maintenance of successful applications. There's often more to this than meets the eye.

While the specification documents what the application will do, the technical design details how it will do it. This is essential for the engineers to work efficiently, and also when the application interfaces with other systems.

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Microsec puts all the learning and experience together to develop the app that our clients expect.

In the development stage, we bring everything together to create a product that meets the original specification and, more importantly, your organisation’s needs.

During development, we typically produce intermediate releases so that progress and design are reviewed regularly - allowing adjustments to the design and even requirements if necessary.


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“We had considered "offshoring" development but there's no doubt that having a UK-based resource has been critical in developing cost-effective and technically sound additions to our services.”

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