Uniface is a highly productive, reliable and scalable platform for the development and deployment of enterprise applications and mobile apps.

Uniface’s model-driven, low-code methodology empowers developers to focus on high-value tasks like user experience and business logic integration, rather than basic coding. The result? New applications make it to market or into internal use faster and with less work than ever, removing barriers to innovation, creating fresh revenue streams and thrilling end users.

Uniface’s streamlined, integrated approach to application development and deployment makes the platform an ideal choice for a wide range of projects. From startup ISVs creating device- and technology-agnostic applications for wide availability to system integrators and internal teams developing enterprise systems for a single organization, users find that Uniface is a simple, reliable way to get the job done. Better yet, Uniface – available for use in a private cloud or installed on-premise – fits seamlessly into any IT or database infrastructure … even SAP Hana.

Uniface - Multi-Platform Low-Code Application Development


“Microsec very quickly mastered the technical landscape of our systems and successfully migrated these to a hosted service, with no service interruption to our national network of clients and mobile field workers."

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